Triathlon Wheels Sydney

Xtreme Carbon Wheels Sydney work to a simple philosophy – superior aerodynamics and smart design. We use the highest quality aerospace materials as well as advanced manufacturing techniques. Most importantly, our unique hub and axle design reduces drag in the frontal area. We are confident our carbon bicycle wheels will be faster than anything you’ve ridden before!

Carbon Wheels Australia Wide

We deliver our carbon bicycle wheels to riders all over Australia. All our xtreme carbon wheels come with Valve extenders, Brake Pads, Front & Rear Quick Release Skewers, Spare Nipples, Rim Tapes, Spare Spokes. View the Xtreme Carbon Racing Wheels range or Contact Us for more information.

It seems unlikely that these wheels would have only 5-star reviews, but I haven’t found a single fault. Build quality is top-notch, I’ve performed zero maintenance. Braking is better than I’ve experienced with other carbon rims. The 60 and 90 race grade wheels perform as well or better in crosswinds than any deep rim I’ve ridden. Rim width is spot-on, I ride 25c tires and they are perfectly matched to the rim. As others have stated, ride quality is fantastic, they FEEL fast and smooth. Its clear xtreme carbon did their homework blending stiffness and comfort instead of blindly chasing a weight or a dimensional spec. They are superb.


Retired Racer

Triathlon Wheels Sydney