Triathlon Wheels South Coast NSW

The South Coast of New South Wales is the home of Xtreme Carbon Wheels. It is here we handcraft our carbon bicycle wheels using cutting edge technology and innovative design. Our philosophy is simple. We think different, we design different and we engineer different so your performance is enhanced. View the Xtreme Carbon Wheels or Contact Us for more information on our Xtreme Carbon Bicycle Wheels.

Carbon Wheels South Coast

You can purchase our Xtreme Carbon Racing Wheels in our online shop and we also offer a race wheel hire service. Renting our triathlon wheels gives you the opportunity to experience the increased performance and Xtreme speed our carbon wheels provide. We’re confident you’ll love them so much you will want to purchase a carbon wheelset of your very own! Find out more about our hiring race wheels from Xtreme Carbon or contact our friendly team with any questions.

Blown away. Not by the side winds, but by the level of performance. It’s been six months with these race grade 60 wheels and I could not have been happier. They’re bomb proof, stiff, and aerodynamic. Braking performance is more consistent than any other wheels I have ridden. The straight line rolling ability of these wheels are just mad. Mainly use these wheels to commute to and from work, on my trusty Scott constantly ploughing through pot holes, train tracks, and debris infested roads. These wheels shrug it off and keep on rolling. Build quality is like no other, the xtreme carbon aero hubs are impeccable. If you compete or just want the best of the best, look no further, this will be the best decision you will make for your bike.


Scott Plasma Rider

Triathlon Wheels South Coast