Triathlon Wheels Australia Wide

Xtreme Carbon think different, design different and engineer different. We believe in conquering new boundaries that have never before been tested before with high performance bicycle wheels and products. Hence, we want every rider in Australia to experience our state of the art xtreme carbon wheels. We push the boundaries of engineering and design so you can push your performance to the limit! View Our Carbon Bicycle Wheels or Contact Us for more information.

We have happy clients using our Xtreme Carbon Wheels Australia wide…


I wanted a good aero wheel for a little bit of climbing advantage without having to change wheel sets, so I gave the Enticer Grade 60’s a try and they are great for hammering on the flats, I found myself wanting to go faster from the smart way these wheels were designed, was really overwhelmed with how they climbed I always thought the deeper wheels would not climb very well but they climbed outstanding, super light and easy to service with the aero hubs. So if you’re looking for a light all around wheel set here’s you answer! Thanks xtreme carbon for another outstanding wheelset.

Adam – May 13, 2016

Triathlon Wheels Australia Wide